Sao Paulo Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Sao Paulo.

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ID 269754

Cleiton Marques Souza

Software Engineer, Sixteen years of experience in all stages of software development, expert in OOP and design patterns.

ID 254116

Weverton do Couto Timoteo

ID 12128

Glenn Marcus

Tech exec previously at @topica, @interworld, @ovid and @netkey. 1 IPO and 2 acquisitions. Founder of @cliq-consulting which developed 26 iOS apps.

ID 281318

Catharina Torok

Junior Ruby on Rails developer, graduate of General Assembly's WDI (Web Development Immersive) course. Brazilian. Techie. Learn-hungry.

ID 449094

Rafael Blanes

Worked at @cloudbeds, @ezyield-a-travelclick-company • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 21299

Ivan Von Turkovich

Founder @buddy-drinks, @instacarte • Worked at @livecliq, @odpiralni • Studied at @university-of-ljubljana, @lulea-technical-university

ID 388491

Rui Miadaira

Founder @cbeauty • 3X Entrepreneur • Harvard MBA • BSc Computer Science • Worked at @BoozCo, @Itau, @c-a

ID 8077

Joaquim Venancio


Passionate entrepreneur at @ticies and @3dvix. Mobile at Banco do Brasil. Cook Trainee, Brazilian, Internet Enthusiast

ID 327426

Isabel Cortes

Junior Front End Developer

ID 150692

Sergio Costa Faria

Co-founder & CTO @unipay, Co-founder and CIO of @brpay / @pagseguro

ID 48123

Ricardo Dantas

Co-Founder of @bloompa, with a strong technological background, social media activist and mobile tech lover.

ID 71563

Piero Contezini

Founder and CEO of Asaas. Former VP of Sales at @informant. Co-Founder of @informant and @contaazul .

ID 94176

Rodolfo Novak

I make things.

ID 301208

Elber Ribeiro

Ruby developer

ID 309630

Bruno Grasselli

Software Developer

ID 308048

Paulo Taylor

Research & Innovation, Co-Founder of @ebuddy, founder of @phonnix

ID 6915

Herval Freire

Builder of things. I make ideas happen, period.

ID 144062

Eduardo Pinheiro

CEO and Founder @muzzley • Co-Founder @findmore Consulting • Co-Founder @accedo-interactive-agency • Research Developer in @adetti - advanced research center

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 69485

Francisco Prat

Co-Founder at @secondmic. 3rd Startup. Developer. Formerly @McKinsey &Company, @ubs, @general-electric @columbia-business-school School MBA. Engineer.

ID 557810

Lais Nogueira Masini

The challenge of developing beautiful, functional, and exceptional products is what drives me. I’m constantly learning and up for any test.

ID 337371

Flavio H. Freitas

Entrepreneur, Full Stack Engineer, Tech lover, Dreamer, Traveler and Hard-Worker

ID 53491

Luis Loaiza

Co-founder & CTO @ Criptext. Hacker and trouble maker.

ID 58037

Cesar Schneider

Co-founder & CTO at Road Apps.

ID 179004

Everton Ribeiro

Developer • Scalable Solutions • Natural language processing • Machine Learning • Multi-language programming • Worked at @abril-media and @grubster

ID 360454

Wagner Vaz

Work at @runrun-it

ID 173638

Adolfo Builes

Rants, Data, Programming and Music.

ID 394331

Arthur Alexandre Braz de Oliveira

ID 484289

Ilana Milkes

World Tech Makers Founder & CEO• Software Developer ; Co-Founder & Game Designer at Heartbits; Worked at @moneythink-1, @modern-holdings-incorporated

ID 134651

Tercio A Junker (TJ)

Co-founder & COO @labdoor • Founder & COO @TeraCreata • Co-founder @showmepigs • Past Roles: Software Engineer, Product Manager, Operations • Computer Engineering Background.

ID 108936

Frederico Skwara

Founder @streetinvestor, @goingtalk

ID 182511

Guilherme Mori

Strong PHP Development background, BA formation at FGV-EAESP, high knowledge on web projects. Worked at Endeavor Brasil, founded Betalabs, developed a Bank Game

ID 10311

Roberto Civille Rodrigues

Studied at @udacity • Serial Hackathon winner

ID 629415

Milton Tavares Neto

ID 56919

Adriano Aguiar

Entrepreneur, startups, social commerce, thought open-source and addict by the ecommerce ecosystem!

ID 204734

Ian Petrie

ounder @ Converting Technologies • Worked at @pepsico, @bnp-paribas • Studied at @purdue-university, @florida-atlantic-university

ID 138251

Ciro Feitosa

CTO and Entrepreneur. Project Manager in many other projects. Large experience in Internet area.

ID 249642

Paulo Schilling

Founder @nuuvem • Worked at @stefanini • Studied at @universidade-do-vale-do-rio-dos-sinos

ID 140183

Anderson Ferminiano

entrepreneur wanting to study in american universities and helping others with the same dream, and so founder of and

ID 182136

Adauto Francisco Leite Neto

ID 177259

Fernando Gil

Software Engineer

ID 193588

Antonio Lima

Founder @sparta-servi-os-de-blindagens-ltda • Studied at @escola-de-engenharia-maua, @fundacao-getulio-vargas

ID 33780

Klederson Bueno

Sênior PHP Architect and System Architect involved with social media projects, internet and new technologies projects and custom complex projects.

ID 285081

William Kurosawa

Ruby on Rails Lean Developer, BS Computer Science, created CampusMap and Solutions Architect in

ID 431006

Ricardo Parro

Full stack generalist , code polyglot , early stage startup CTO and occasional hackathon participant

ID 339630

Maurício Noris Freire

Technology Professional with over 10 years of experience dealing with problems of high complexity. I am interested in the following subjects: consulting, business strategy, financial instruments, hedge, hedge accounting, risk, developing solutions, data m

ID 386849

Guilherme Nogueira

Software Craftsman at @elo7-1. Computer Science Master student at USP. Passionate developer.

ID 561995

suchit puri

Worked at @thoughtworks @progress-software @huawei • Studied Masters Software Systems at @bits-pilani-1

ID 205447

Eduardo Marreto Mendes

Worked at @accenture • Studied at @masters-in-computer-science-1

ID 303467

Christian Lacerda

Founder @tap2ask • Studied at @the-city-university-of-sao-paulo

ID 357075

Daniel Cukier

CTO @playax_ geek Programmer and Software Developer. Love Technology, Arts and Human Consciousness (meditation), write poetry, study theater and play the guitar

ID 614070

Marcus Bruno Vieira

First employee of Jaya Apps; System Analysis and Development Graduate; Passionate about mobile and new technologies.

ID 350297

Antonio Marcello

IT Manager focused on web-development since 2001

ID 648666

Douglas Ferraz

Unicamp EE, IESE MBA. Entrepreneurship and top-tier management consulting experience, launched 3 medical monitoring devices. Full Stack C++ programmer

ID 254448

Vitor de Araujo

Bachelor in Computer Science, Web Development specialist and Mobile Dev aspirant. Co-founder & CTO at Envia Lá.

ID 576929

David Asheghian

Systems/Network Engineer, experienced in various networks/systems, debug client issues, thrived under smaller companies and contributed towards their growth.

ID 507394

Otávio Augusto Soares

Software developer with most experience in web development. Python tech lead. Front end background.

ID 347777

Bruno Azisaka

Ruby on Rails specialist

ID 508011

Rafael Rinaldi

Programmer passionate about the web and by making things. Currently hacking at @magnetis. New to the startup business.

ID 374384

Rodrigo Del Bianco


ID 434687

Nicolau Werneck

Electrical Engineering PhD. Interested in mobile vision applications. Specialized in computer vision, pattern recognition, signal processing & machine learning.

ID 485997

Teixeira Jonatas

To be written

ID 526972

Navjot Kukreja

Software engineer with experience working in Indian startup, has now moved to Sao Paulo

ID 329689

Marcelo Toledo

Currently CTO of Oi Internet. Founded 5 startups, including Payleven (Rocket Internet). Book author and Blogger.

ID 174864

Luiz Roge

Founder InvestCerto Professional Profile: Financial market experience - mostly in banking and brokerage firms, having often held management positions. Small business management experience - investment consulting and investment website Portfolio manageme

ID 484625

Paulo Cheque

Bachelor and Master in Computer Science by University of São Paulo. Worked at Nokia Siemens Networks, RevMob and UOL.

ID 260743

Ken Rosaka

Front-end developer at

ID 374932

Eduardo Carrara

Dedicated worker, complex systems, worked at IBM

ID 209708

Cleyton Messias

System Analyst at Itau-Unibanco and also the CTO at

ID 186801

Fernando Freitas Alves

Kickass programmer, business hacker and music nerd.

ID 511756

Thiago Lewin

Very skilled software developer with strong mathematical background, mainly in statistics, linear algebra and some AI techniques.

ID 526752

Marcio Garcia

Tech Lead at R/GA, massive hands on DevOp(ing). Productive and Automation of process profile. MBA at FGV in Business Development.

ID 330322

Eduardo Couto Parreiras

ID 98661

Mauricio Almeida

Full stack software developer turned entrepreneur. Product development, growth hacking, agile project management and team leadership.

ID 158054

Guilherme Vinicius Moreira

I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur. I create systems and solve problems. Those are the things that make me wake up every day and improve myself.

ID 563140

Vinicius Silva

University of Sao Paulo CS, Equities Technology Analyst at Goldman Sachs

ID 183623

Marcos Oliveira

Co-Founder of CapitalAt, Urbanizo, Qual Canal and Intacto Software Engineering. BSC in Computer Science.

ID 505662

Tito Gonzales

Founder Bloopsy corp, Python software developer, musician and promoter events since 1995, worked Brasilinvest, MusicSat and FigoTech

ID 176256

Giovanni K Bonetti

Founder and CTO of Agenda Beleza. Electronic engineer, strong academic background. Enterpreneurship "inherited" from family.

ID 175346

David Pinheiro

Java developer with strong knowledge in backend and frontend, also experience with inumerous technologies.

ID 235719

Alan Meira

founder of @engarte, wanna-be muay thai fighter, cyclist and lover of the awesome things of life like food, travel, sports and fascinating people

ID 323879

Eduardo Martines

The plan is build amazing things on @shopcliq and study some ideas to build my own project.

ID 355181

André Mendes

I'm a entepreneur and web developer, I co-founded Doingcast so that's what my life is about now.

ID 291836

Cássio Scofield

Founder @BitFlip • Consultant @ibm • Software Engineer • Studied Computer Engineering at Poli-USP

ID 464343

Fernando Ferreira de Oliveira

Founder @BseTechnology. Several open source projects on GitHub. Two years experience in software development.

ID 207406

Régis David Souza Mesquita

CTO of logovia , Worked at Codeminer42, collaborator at a few open-source projects , check my github

ID 218415

Hélder Maurício Gomes Ferreira Filho

Studied Game Design and Planning at Anhembi Morumbi, worked at several game companies, and as Solutions Architect and R&D head at E-Deploy

ID 149211

James Peret

Co-founder @high-effects. Studied at PUC-SP. Lives in São Paulo, Brasil.

ID 687051

Bruno Germano

Frontend Engineer, almost 10 year working with internet.

ID 334792

Tony Fabeen

Senior Software Engineer

ID 506853

Leandro Matioli

Worked at @sensimob

ID 299749

Lucas Saraiva

CTO/Founder of @let-s-park • Worked at @itau-unibanco • Studied at @Instituto Militar de Engenharia

ID 158334

Adão Raul

CEO and Senior Developer at Shotcode • Studied at @universidade-do-vale-do-rio-dos-sinos

ID 259126

João Machete

Worked at @telefonica-r-d, @framestore

ID 625549

Tulio Monte Azul

CTO of Agendor

ID 184343

Glauber Campinho

Full-stack Web Developer with startup background. Studied in Universidade de São Paulo. Worked with a large variety of web technologies and patterns.

ID 580000

Freire Valdir

MBA in Information Technology at FIAP; IT Management at Maua Engineering University; Startup, Social Media Marketing, strong IT business background; IT Project

ID 354933

Estevão Mascarenhas

Full stack developer

ID 192335

Roberto Protásio

CEO of @bluedental interest with e-health

ID 197329

Pedro Padron

Software Developer

ID 269263

Gabriel Bernardi

Studied at @faculdade-de-informacao-e-administracao-paulista-sao-paulo-brazil

ID 681697

Samuel Catalano

Professional acting since 2003 in the IT field with experience in systems administration, software development geared to the stock market, software development.

ID 390960

Vitor Fonseca Orlando

ID 219439

Carlos Nunes

CEO of, Entrepreneur and Business Development.

ID 90645

Bruno Eustáquio

Co-fundador do @rockbee, host do @empreendecast, apaixonado por empreendedorismo e tecnologia.

ID 543771

Fabiano Belmonte`

Founder Megaleios Desenvolvimento Mobile

ID 272959

Eric Gomes

Founded 3 companies (Lepetier Consultancy/Grupo Moisés Gomes Real Estate /Energy Eye do Brasil) I am a Co-founder of Debitec Ltda. BBA at Les Roches in Swiss

ID 368963

Joody Konno

Analist developer on Elefante Verde. Degree in technologist system analisys and development on FATEC-SP. Experience with PHP language and development of websites.

ID 584607

Paulo Henrique Pires

PUC Student, full stack developer, build and contributor with a lot of open-source project, speaker in some events

ID 438498

Tiago Alves

Computer engineer. Enthusiast of good programming practices, and a big fan of Microsoft technologies. Feel very confortable using Visual Studio and its tools.

ID 452331

Felipe Rodrigues

Front-end/UI Developer

ID 453323

Matheus Abreu

Cofounder of nKron.

ID 498263

Alfredo Prada Giorgi

Creative Technologist, problem solver, wildcard developer, full stack engineer, geek team manager, startupper, entrepreneur & technology aficionado.

ID 368964

Artur Hansen

Developer at Elefante Verde; Bachelor student at Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes; 5 years experience on developing websites front-end and back-end;

ID 516499

Raul Odaguiri Bueno de Almeida

Doing what I love :)

ID 253084

Flavio Regis Arruda

Founder Spotted4me • MSc in Computer Science. I worked as Software Architect for many large Telecom, Banking and Internet companies in Brazil. Co-authored a book about Perl Programming.

ID 33158

Kleber Correia

Highly experienced Ruby on Rails and Javascript developer with a strong startup background.

ID 529388

Ariadne Gomes

| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

ID 589169

Rafael Skoberg


ID 452936

Gabriel Lopes

Strong experience with front-end development. Full time freelancer. Done some amazing work mainly for the Luxury industry. JavaScript and CSS3 geek.

ID 155941

Joao Augusto

Founder Kambizen

ID 563092

Filipe Russo

Published writer from Brazil in SF as an UnCollege Fellow.

ID 453087

Bruna Brito

Project Manager with development background. Worked at Ogilvy with big clients.

ID 461642

Rodrigo Medeiros

ID 585588

Rodrigo Ipaves de Campos Pinto

ID 618543

Ezequias Dinella

Innovative, autodidact, focused, productive, like to absorb new knowledge and cultures.

ID 524246

Nykolas Laurentino de Lima

ID 529225

Rafael Bianchi

Systems Analyst at @credit-suisse Worked at @itau-bba , @amdocs, @voice-technology

ID 140441

Dirk Friedrich

Online species who works at @pro2sell-partner4progress , @omctl-org, passionated creative coder. analytic and biz oriented thinking, video/audio production...

ID 529359

Paulo Henrique Sacramento

Rubyst, Web Developer

ID 502971

Paulo Henrique Lopes Prado


ID 255568

Diego Andrés Ramirez Aragón

Worked at @amigo-da-cultura

ID 432495

Marcus Vinicius Abila

Scrum Master, forrmerly Web Developer, strong technical background, fluent english, international experience (UK, Germany, Argentina)

ID 562262

Carlos Alberto Pereira Caldas


ID 271334

Daniel Hansson

Developer & Entrepreneur. Mainly focused on sustainable projects.

ID 694751

Guilherme Pontes

User Interface Developer, with full-stack experience.

ID 440277

Lucas Sa

ID 291924


Founder Uhura

ID 631786

Jorge Guberte

CTO and Lead Innovator at Pixolatry, a startup focused on using advanced AI to change the way people interact with the urban landscape.

ID 628704

Rodrigo Castilho Ishii

ID 304081

Marcelo Sampaio

Internet Entrepreneur / B2C & B2B Product Developer / Software Designer & UX / Innovation.

ID 278733

Rafael Mauro

ID 264812

Victor Gama de Oliveira

ID 363091

Rodrigo Gomes

Software Developer enthusiastic about technology, with a large experience on design and development of Enterprise Applications.

ID 375326

Rafael Oliveira

CubScout main page.

ID 347550

Rafael Sachetto

it's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and i'm all outta gum

ID 310050

Marco Aurélio Vieira

ID 277208

Marcelio Leal

Software Engineer at @predicta, Co-founder @amazonstartups e @phppaidegua. [email protected] and Abstract.

ID 288544

Joao Paulo Galvao Alves

Quality Assurance Auditor, Mechanical Engineer and Reliability Department Coordinator at GOL Airlines. Music Producer and now iOS Developer.

ID 315426

Rafael Alcantara Java and PHP Developer

Developer since 2006; Experience with Mobile and Web projects; Worked at global companies; Opened to move to new cultures.

ID 382802

shelson ferrari

Founder Vitplay

ID 434331

Henrique Sobral Gomes

Working for 14 years with software development in majors companies in brazil like, Bradesco, Santander, Itaú, Eletropaulo, Vivo (former Telefonica)

ID 333862

Alex Carneiro

Master's degree and BS in Engineering of Teleinformatics; Advanced English skills; SW Engineer at IBM Brazil SW Lab; University Professor in Computer Science

ID 359719

Thiago Couto

Serial entrepreneur with solid background in information systems. Adept in web development.

ID 384843

Caio Quirino

Mobile App, Real Time applications, Backend & Middleware developer

ID 273047

Marcelo Bueno

Software Architecture, Java Developer, GEO processing informations using mapextreme tools, SCJP, SCEA, SCWCD.

ID 76606

Raul Mangolin

back-end developer

ID 184432

Douglas Correa

Husband, Entrepreneur, Son, Brother, Developer (Addicted) and Frank's Dogfather :)

ID 52691

Antonio Mariano

IT Manager at Java developer UOL, @telefonica-r-d, UC Irvine Project Managemen, FGV Business Administration, Mackenzie System Information

ID 77270

Gabriel Gilini

CS dropout, started one company and failed it, know js better than english. That pretty much sums it up.

ID 176031

Márcio Agnelo

Music Producer! Musician

ID 119801

Ygor Lemos

Software Engineer & Systems Architect on: Python, Ruby, PHP, iOS, C, C++, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, Linux, Mac, MongoDB, NoSQL, Titanium, Scalability

ID 241030

Mauro Baraldi

Computer tamer, software juggler, @garoahc member, @milagilisk husband, Jhon and Mary's father. On my way to the Bushido through Aikido.

ID 215861

Christian Reichel

Multithread thoughts in a single threaded mind.

ID 81386

Thiago Ganzarolli

Head of Development at bankFacil. Founder of EncontreSeuPacote.

ID 96504

Guilherme Fernandes

ID 252382

Alan Justino da Silva

Past tech co-founder @pitzi. Past developer at @rede-colibri. Hybrid tech/business BC degree @EACH-USP. Has IT team leader @UFABC when 20yo

ID 37756

Rafael Apocalypse

Product Maganer and Lead Developer at MyDoctors • Founder @glicemias-online • lead developer on

ID 125415

Paul Reiber

Linux/UNIX Guru w/ 30 years exp. Awesome tech and personal skills: DBs, code, live production systems, identifying root @causes, proposing / implementing fixes.

ID 174527

Eduardo Junior

ID 85317

Rodrigo Casaroto

MBA in Business Management from BSP - São Paulo Expertise: • Java and Dot Net development • Project management through PMI and Scrum • Software architecture

ID 173493

Raphael Caldas

Founder @aherk

ID 120677

Leonardo Rossetti

Co-founder / Full Stack Developer / Lead engineer. 10+ years building scalable software systems;Worked at IBM and Terra Networks.

ID 230390


Aguardem. Primeiro Action Paper da America Latina

ID 674993

Leandro Alves

12 years of Java experience, with expertise in all Java platforms (EE/ME/SE)

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