Sao Paulo Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Sao Paulo.

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ID 663828

Marcelo Fischer

Business developer. Passionate for technology, people and innovation.

ID 179499

Fabiano Piccoli Fazolare

"Trusted Partner" for Startups in Commercial Management, Strategic Alliances and New Markets ✔

ID 132344

Eric Willis

Founder of Near Inc. 1st biz in grade school. Born entrepreneur. Strong business background. World traveler (over 30 countries). Multi-lingual

ID 60019

Karla Lopez

Especializada em matar um leão por dia Connector of dots

ID 177602

Eduardo del Giglio


Worked at @cukierman-co-investment-house-ltd, @big-brazil-internet-group • Studied at @instituto-de-ensino-e-pesquisa

ID 129996

Eduardo Muniz

Founder @meuresumo • Worked at @yahoo, @directv, @SKY, @Batanga Media . MBA FIA-USP, 2010.

ID 81896

Noah Aron

builder and climber of large things. CEO @trovali, • Director, Biz Dev @crowdflower • @university-of-california-santa-barbara, MBA @hult-international-business-school

ID 157045

Martin Romero Mensio

Serial Entrepreneur. Founder at Bonuu, Funnpills & Greemt. Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University of Montpellier, University of Virginia.

ID 299175

Renato Andre de Andrade Reis

Telecommunications Expert. Project Management Expert. Specialist on VAS; implementation, sales and MKT. Expert on LATAM, African and European Telecom Markets

ID 332345

Anand Appulingam


Founder @atacama-capital-partners • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @united-states-army • Investor @activereplay, @hitch • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 125733

Bernardo Wolak

Latin America Tri-lingual Senior Executive. • Have a strong and aggressive sales background. • 25+ years serving as Managing Director of multinational organizations in Latin America. • Worked with top ranked companies like Tandem Computers, Silicon Graph

ID 169457

Yonathan Faber


Founder @zaznu, @super-gas-me • Worked at @israeli-air-force, @grupo-leblon • Studied at @the-city-university-of-sao-paulo, @universidade-paulista

ID 62730

Todd Cohen

CEO & Co-Founder of Shopcliq. Previously founded Converdge, the first white label social networking platform working with Mashable, ABC Family and Sun Micro.

ID 201696

Daniel Barna

I will develop your business at Latin America. CEO of @automatos Founder @Minha Central, @Thor Audio • Worked at @nuance, @nec • Studied at @Kellogg

ID 95975

Adriano Maesano

Director of Business Development

ID 127550

Peter Fernandez


Mobile, Social, Brazil, Startups

ID 88476

Federico Vega



ID 505902

Herlon Schmeiske

Pioneer and internet entrepreneur. Founder and CEO in companies in Brazil. Helping IT & telecom companies entry at Brazilian market.

ID 692255

Gustavo Ziller

Endeavor entrepreneur. Strong Marketing and Sales background. Top 50 digital innovator in Brazil.

ID 379967

Jose Carvalho

Associate at McKinsey & Company | Business Technology Office | INSEAD MBA | Computer Engineer

ID 449094

Rafael Blanes

Worked at @cloudbeds, @ezyield-a-travelclick-company • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 215113

Ivan Gorski


MBA FGV Business Mgmt, strong backgroung in media/advertising and product dev. Worked on Yahoo! LinkedIn and UOL Latam.

ID 158910

Justin Bailey

Worked at @sangha-investments • Studied at University of Tennessee, @fundacao-getulio-vargas, International MBA @university-of-south-carolina

ID 445686

Daniel Pereira


Founder @gvp-it-solutions, @yes-technologies

ID 465098

Anderson Gomes

Over 20 years of sales, marketing and business management on software, IT services and internet (ecommerce, mcommerce, digital and social media). Brazil.

ID 439570

Fabio Tadashi Suzaki

Managing Partner @1234enter. Business background in e-commerce, Telcos, Innovation and CRM. Worked @telefonica @abril-media

ID 652286

Nicolas Nanez

@pomona-college BA, 3 Years Financial Experience (Treasury, Trade), Manages Student capital group, Fluent in three languages, student of Technical Analysis.

ID 289279

Marcos Gonzalez Rubio Curi de Castro

Associate at Boston Consulting Group. Also worked in the financial market at Gaia Asset Management. Economics Bachelor Degree

ID 273381

Javier Hernández

Deusto / Uni Hamburg. Biz Dev for start-up Nestoria in London. 6 years of experience in 8 countries. Online marketing, intl partnerships, strategy & operations

ID 499181

Diego van Dyk

eCommerce Global Professional!

ID 639429

Páraic Carroll

University of Manchester postgraduate with 7 years sales experience searching for new Sales/Marketing opportunities

ID 592820

Marcelo Torres

Brazilian entrepreneur of entrepreneurs. +12 years leading innovation and future business projects.

ID 576929

David Asheghian

Systems/Network Engineer, experienced in various networks/systems, debug client issues, thrived under smaller companies and contributed towards their growth.

ID 421630

Santiago Giraldo

Specialist in the intersection between Genomics, Agriculture and Energy

ID 187856

Verena Sanchez Bohrer

Worked at @Empresa Junior FGV • Studied at @the City University of Sao Paulo, @Fundacao Getulio Vargas

ID 436561

Emanuel Carvalho

Seasoned Mulitilingual International Business Development Professional

ID 103776

Davide Ballestra

Entrepreneur, Seed Investor and Business Developer. Loving tech startups. I help startups doing business in Brazilian market and I love it!

ID 108949

Diego Wawrzeniak

Entrepreneut, co-founder @streetinvestor , CMO @bussoladoinves , strong business and financial background. Economist by FGV - Sao Paulo School of Economics.

ID 603427

Daphne Dovermann

Maastricht University, Major in Finance, Studied abroad in Sao Paulo, Internship in business development

ID 540708

Steffan Hywel Adams

British/Peruvian just moved to Brazil actively looking for a job in e-commerce.

ID 348649

José Lúcio Cordeiro

FGV graduated, experienced in Sales and Business Development

ID 193588

Antonio Lima

Founder @sparta-servi-os-de-blindagens-ltda • Studied at @escola-de-engenharia-maua, @fundacao-getulio-vargas

ID 429640

Robson Oliveira

TIM Mobile Sales Awards 2010. 93k mobile GPRS and telemetry data chips

ID 490029


ID 9602

Igor Simas

Founder @caf-azul-digital-agency

ID 310234

James Graves

MBA student in Brazil, worked in commercial property markets in Australia in general management and leasing.

ID 300085

Liliane Azevedo

ID 650502

Rafael Oliveira

Sales Engineer and Specialist in Web/Mobile Video technology and market. Consulting Profile.

ID 292190

Chris Sullivan

Undergrad student at Trinity U in Texas. Currently at FGV business school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. Finance intern at McCain Foods in Madrid, Spain.

ID 196456

Marco Domingues

I am passionate about new challenges and new opportunities to develop myself. Entrepreneur with practical and academic background in business development, product marketing and sales

ID 366493

Care Fader

ID 133369

Marlon Fabri

Looking for an Angel investor to finance an Startup in mobile sales in Brazil; Strong business background. Specialist in evangelism and sales.

ID 496452

Mayara Sousa

Writer and designer. Freelancer. For now.

ID 168790

Leandro Faria

Passionate and serial entrepeneur.

ID 103319

Marco Antonio Soraggi

Director at @catho-online (biggest job posting website of Brazil).Passionate about "Lean Startup" concepts.Computer engineer at UNICAMP(sort of brazilian MIT).

ID 66148

Fabio Raphael

CMO & Co-Founder @imageeo Digital Marketing Consultant, Photographer and Visionary Geek

ID 592929

Pn Liu

Strong understanding of brazilian business environment. Fluent in english and portuguese. Strong spoken spanish and elementary chinese

ID 506857

Michel Gildin Acherboim

Founder PicShareSports • Studied at @puc-sp

ID 525511

Brian Ferreira

National Merit Scholar, Studied abroad twice, hold 3 citizenships

ID 86293

Ken Julio Komiya

University of Sao Paulo, sail, marketing, DB

ID 394156

Mario Rubino de Azevedo

ID 543771

Fabiano Belmonte`

Founder Megaleios Desenvolvimento Mobile

ID 292669

Gregory Goris

Onetalk Marketing Hacker

ID 420941

Antonio Carlos Amorim

Founder @engarte, Consultant for new network business, helping clients move from old models to internet - 25 years commercial experience, 6 working w/ networks.

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