Sao Paulo Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Sao Paulo.

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ID 619677

Fernando Guglielmetti

Focused on e-commerce and internet operations leading several areas (CS, Logistics, Quality, Planning, Projects and IT). Last experience: COO

ID 249688

Beatriz Varella

Co-founder and CEO at Moove In • I'm into technology, design, building connections, coffee tasting and simplicity • Studied at @faap, @espm

ID 413381

Leandro Morais

Founder @zase, @o-entregador • Worked at @peixe-urbano, @rocket-internet • Business and IT background

ID 359719

Thiago Couto

Serial entrepreneur with solid background in information systems. Adept in web development.

ID 168790

Leandro Faria

Passionate and serial entrepeneur.

ID 232530

Justin Bailey

Finance/Entrepreneurship MBA; VC/PE and coworking space experience in Brazil and SC; Projects and advisory with startups in SE.

ID 478319

Talita Alves

Founder of My Doggy.

ID 561504

Eduardo Vicente

CEO ShortQuestion

ID 179499

Fabiano Piccoli Fazolare

"Trusted Partner" for Startups in Commercial Management, Strategic Alliances and New Markets ✔

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