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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Sao Paulo.

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ID 43113

Benjamin Gleason

Founder @guiabolso, Co-Founded @salesvu • Was MD & CFO @groupon Brazil, Manager @mckinsey & Company • Studied @Wharton MBA

ID 119639

Flavio Masson

NYC-based Brazilian Entrepreneur. Founder/CEO @rangri, Founder/Principal Creative Director at 10012 • Studied at @espm.

ID 516914

Daniel Marigliano


Founder @nerd-s-company, @forgrowth • Worked at @zendesk, @telefonica • Investor @origami-talent-search • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @universidade-sao-judas-tadeu

ID 254763

Philip J. Philliou, J.D.


Founder @philliou-partners-llc, @proxima-financiera • Worked at @american-express, @trubeacon • Investor @fuze-network-2 • Studied at @fordham-law

ID 293550

Lars Fuhrken-Batista


ID 263270

Rene Abe

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor in Brazil. Founded BuscaPe Financial Services for @buscape and worked @paypal / @ebay. Loves to make right things happen.

ID 22254

Wilton Pinheiro

Co-Founder at Winnin. Founded 3 startups (Fichário Online - education; B2Learn - knowledge mgmt; ViajeMe - travel). Business + Software + Engineer

ID 129748

Andreas Penna


Ninja who advises and consults tech companies and VC funds among US, EU & Brasil. Selective Angel investor and lover of binary.

ID 88575

Vanesa Kolodziej

Co-Founder @Nazca Ventures. Co-Founder Palermo Valley. Co-organizer Startup Weekend, Mentor 500 Startups, Startup Chile, IncubaUC.

ID 96263

Ruy Fortini

Biz dev entrepeneur since 17, digital-minded and positive thinker. Founder & Hustler @doare, Worked as Marketing Manager @sieve.

ID 4468

Yuri Gitahy

Helped 50+ startups bootstrap, 30+ define better products, 10+ negotiate seed rounds, advised 3 while reaching their first million in revenues.

ID 244647

Francisco Milagres

IT, infosec and consulting professional. Worked at USP, CPqD, Santander, KPMG and Ciberbras. BSc and MSc at USP, Ibmec MBA, Kellogg and Singularity University.

ID 95235

Andre Moura

Founder @gerentederh-com, @musicazip-com • Worked at @accenture, @f-biz • Investor @estagiare • Studied at @coppead, @uerj

ID 55502

Victor Zabrockis


Head Internet and Technology Mentor and Coach at Creative HotHouse Incubator Program. CHH is an independent Incubation and funding program based in Barcelona.

ID 17016

Cassio Spina


Tech Entrepreneur for 25 years, I´m currently a angel investor and promoter of Angel Investment thru @anjos-do-brasil network.

ID 155647

Pedro Pizzolato

ID 375670

Rene Jose Rodrigues Fernandes

Entrepreneur in Residence at Espírito Santo Ventures, Project Director at Fundação Getulio Vargas, Lecturer at Senac SP and UNESP. BSc and MSc from FGV-EAESP.

ID 161828

Fernando Aoad

Portfolio Manager & Investment Consultant/Strategist, Founder-Partner @fact Investments. Strong business background. ITA Espm MBA

ID 102177

Frederico Moreira

Background in business plan validation, due diligence analyses and support for ground-breaking ventures @launch, early development or expansion.

ID 505662

Tito Gonzales

Founder Bloopsy corp, Python software developer, musician and promoter events since 1995, worked Brasilinvest, MusicSat and FigoTech

ID 63065

Fernando Glez

An entrepreneur in constant resilience.

ID 372506

Andre Rabanea

Founder & Creative Ideator at TORKE+CC (creative agency), Founder at Billy The Group (venture capital)

ID 62637

Danilo Ferreira

Project Manager, specialist in agile. Strong technical background in web platforms. Interested in advising new startups, business plan development and analysis.

ID 83744

José Luis Núñez Díaz

Wayraboy looking for very innovative and disruptive early stage start-ups developing promising business opportunities to accelerate in @wayra.

ID 315984

Anton Nefedov

Founder/CEO Afterlogic Corp.,

ID 268979

Marcelo Martinho Pedro

Leveraging more than 20 years of experience, Marcelo Martinho Pedro currently applies his expertise as country manager for Olam Brasil Ltda.

ID 508011

Rafael Rinaldi

Programmer passionate about the web and by making things. Currently hacking at @magnetis. New to the startup business.

ID 361535

Luís Henrique B M de Oliveira

Studied at @puc-rio-1, @ibmec

ID 217974

Dmitriy Gudovskiy


ID 29409

André Fonseca

Co-founder and CEO of @dito-internet

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