Sao Paulo Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Sao Paulo.

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ID 21299

Ivan Von Turkovich

Founder @buddy-drinks, @instacarte • Worked at @livecliq, @odpiralni • Studied at @university-of-ljubljana, @lulea-technical-university

ID 94176

Rodolfo Novak

I make things.

ID 196780

Cassiano Saldanha

Experienced creative from advertising market, 14+ years of graphic/visual design work focused in digital media. Physical and digital hacker and entrepreneur.

ID 508011

Rafael Rinaldi

Programmer passionate about the web and by making things. Currently hacking at @magnetis. New to the startup business.

ID 8077

Joaquim Venancio


Passionate entrepreneur at @ticies and @3dvix. Mobile at Banco do Brasil. Cook Trainee, Brazilian, Internet Enthusiast

ID 372781

Anderson Souza

CBDO and Founder @asset-bundle

ID 108568

Lucas Alvares

Co-Founder at @catavendas and @kontto

ID 567170

Peter Ting

Strong business and analytical skills. Excellence in prototyping business solutions. Tufts University 1998 (BSME).

ID 182144

Fábio Zuppone Chavasco

UX/UI Designer and Frontend developer at @cuponomia. Over 13 years developing stunning and usable websites.

ID 184470

Anderson Menezes

Founder and CEO @redecore-me, @udealer • Worked at @super-gas-me, @sidel-do-brasil • Studied Bachelor Degree in Engineering.

ID 238941

Danilo Moraes

brazilian based in Sao Paulo, project coordinator at @wunderman, professor assistant at @espm • In the past, worked at @the-walt-disney-company and @r-ga • Graduated in Marketing and Advertising at @espm • Eventually believes fortune favors the bold.

ID 91333

Erick Mazer Yamashita

ID 127692

Hassan Yassine

Product Owner at Start-up, Ex-Googler, Business&Management MSc. Interested in Start-up Consulting & PROD.DEV, USER ACQ. & UX/UI contract work.

ID 205447

Eduardo Marreto Mendes

Worked at @accenture • Studied at @masters-in-computer-science-1

ID 281318

Catharina Torok

Junior Ruby on Rails developer, graduate of General Assembly's WDI (Web Development Immersive) course. Brazilian. Techie. Learn-hungry.

ID 291299

Denis Araujo

UX/UI Designer and web developer with strong focus on Product, B2B and B2C

ID 568155

Juliano Marchese

designer / ice cream maker / urban biker

ID 412241

Lucas Hattori

Worked at @carreira-beauty • Studied at @universidade-estadual-de-maring

ID 501507

Gabi Anger

Graphic Designer @ iFood, Digital Design; Worked for 2 startups with mobile/web focus.

ID 142277

Guga Parisi

ID 623802

Henrique Oliveira

Designer focused in interactive projects and applications. Experience of 10 years in design and development of web sites for computer and mobile.

ID 219439

Carlos Nunes

CEO of, Entrepreneur and Business Development.

ID 156864

Rodrigo Pontes

Founder of 3 startups (one created from scratch solely by me, including code), Economist, social sector experience, innovator and creative.

ID 450945

Bruna Cremm

2D/3D generalist focusing on motion design and post-production.

ID 140441

Dirk Friedrich

Online species who works at @pro2sell-partner4progress , @omctl-org, passionated creative coder. analytic and biz oriented thinking, video/audio production...

ID 187216

Dudu Torres

CEO of @do-chef-pra-vc. Founder of @jetsetgo. Strong UI/UX background, building web/mobile platforms. Works with developing social movements.

ID 149211

James Peret

Co-founder @high-effects. Studied at PUC-SP. Lives in São Paulo, Brasil.

ID 529388

Ariadne Gomes

| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

ID 452331

Felipe Rodrigues

Front-end/UI Developer

ID 346995

Raphael Garcez

Founder Smartapps

ID 486634

Leandro Varanda

Senior Visual Designer at Geekie

ID 681697

Samuel Catalano

Professional acting since 2003 in the IT field with experience in systems administration, software development geared to the stock market, software development.

ID 197356

Juliana Padron

Co-fundadora da Templateria e designer especialista na criação e desenvolvimento de templates de email marketing.

ID 534750

Nasser Said

UX/UI Designer. Strong ads background. Work with many global projects for and winner some international awards like Cannes, One Show, D&AD, etc.

ID 327279

Marcelo Sampaio

Internet Entrepreneur / B2C & B2B Product Developer / Software Designer & UX / Innovation

ID 368975

Árion Aleixo

Art Director @futon-company, Designer Assistant @bst-design. Currently working at the Marketing Department with SEO, Data Analysis and Communication Strategy.

ID 354985

Daniel Iudi Yano

Founder of Petsy. Working for A4B (Agility for Business). Worked at ESPM and Sunset Comunicação.

ID 569276

Vinicius Leitao

Product Designer at Getninjas. Previously and InfoGlobo.

ID 586913

Matheus Murbach

Worked at @jurema

ID 304081

Marcelo Sampaio

Internet Entrepreneur / B2C & B2B Product Developer / Software Designer & UX / Innovation.

ID 184034

Paula Rúpolo

Art Director at

ID 453087

Bruna Brito

Project Manager with development background. Worked at Ogilvy with big clients.

ID 37756

Rafael Apocalypse

Product Maganer and Lead Developer at MyDoctors • Founder @glicemias-online • lead developer on

ID 502971

Paulo Henrique Lopes Prado


ID 563092

Filipe Russo

Published writer from Brazil in SF as an UnCollege Fellow.

ID 118475

Karuan Bertoluci

Interface Designer, Graphic Designer and Designer

ID 465138

Mellina Passi

UI/UX Designer

ID 161498

Natalí Garcia

(UX) Experience Designer & Info Architect.

ID 599630

Daniel Mack

Mobile UX Lead/Product Designer

ID 139741

Vito Delonge

Founded @likebeyou helps finds old friends on internet

ID 220026

Murilo Junqueira

UI & UX Designer, Product Designer.

ID 140493

Cleber Galves Bordin

Worked at @freelance, @pictovalley-studio

ID 291924


Founder Uhura

ID 158583

Giliardi Rodriguez


ID 176031

Márcio Agnelo

Music Producer! Musician

ID 646244

Joao Mendes

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